How to Ollie On a Tech Deck

How to Ollie On a Tech Deck?

Learning how to Ollie on a tech deck is not hard. The hardest part, for many new skaters, is learning how to stay on that deck in the best possible position and protect their legs from getting injured. Tech decks are nothing like regular skates. They have longer frames, wider wheels and lack the ankle support you would find on a normal skateboard.


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When learning how to Ollie on a tech deck, you need to first learn how to stop before you land. This seems pretty basic, but often beginners make the mistake of braking too soon when they land. This can be very dangerous as your momentum will carry you up the deck and throw you off balance. When learning how to Ollie on a tech deck, it is important that you slow way down before you land. Doing so will ensure that your wheels do not whip, causing you to lose control.

When learning how to Ollie, it is important to remember to push the heel of your foot forward as you fall forward. As your feet connect with the deck, it is important to push the heel of your foot outwards, into the direction of where you want to land. Doing this will keep you from being thrown off balance by the rotation of the deck while you are falling forward.

Landing your Ollie correctly is not the same as landing on an equal angle to the ground. If you try to land on an angled footplant, your chances of staying afloat are not very good. Instead of attempting to land square at the edge of the deck, turn your heel out and curve your spine outward. This will keep you much more upright as you come down from the in-bounds line.

If you have a stable platform for how to Ollie, it is easier to get into the right stance and your body in sync with your footwork. However, if your tailbone or the underside of your heel bone has some give, it can be difficult to land perfectly when learning how to Ollie. To counter this, plant your toes along the rail of the deck instead of directly underneath it. Make sure your toes are directly below the centerline of the decking so that your heels will always be in line with the rail.

As you learn how to Ollie on a tech deck properly, it is important to keep in mind that an Ollie drill does not have to be difficult. Instead, focus on being comfortable and taking your time when doing so. You should look to launch your ollie smoothly without feeling rushed at all.

The only other thing you need to focus on is making sure that you have good balance and your body in the right position as you reach the bottom of your Ollie. You will need to lift your backside out of the water to break the contact with the deck. Then, just turn sideways and put all of your weight on your front heel. This will help you to gain some momentum as you come down.

Once you learn how to Ollie on a tech deck, it is important to be comfortable while performing the move. Keep in mind that while an Ollie drill is quick, it is also easy to injure yourself. Always practice in a controlled area before trying it out on a real skateboard or in a skate park. By taking your time and staying relaxed, you will soon know how to Ollie on a tech deck like a pro.

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