What is Tech House

What is Tech House?

What is tech house? Tech house, sometimes referred to as “nu Disco,” is an American electronic music genre. Techno-house gained its popular name when artists who performed in the style began to call themselves such. The term tech house evolved as a short-term record label name for a group of electronic dance music characterized by progressive music, drum and bass, and a free style of mixing and scratching. Tech house became a well-known musical genre in the late ’80s and early ’90s.


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The birth of what is now known as tech-house music was at a time when new digital music technologies were developing at a rapid pace. In addition to new hardware, computers, synthesizers, and sound processing software, new dance styles were born as well. Since electronic music technology was still fairly new, the artists recording along with adding these new styles were initially sourced from a small pool of talent which included artists like Hectorergic, Cut Chemist, and Kool Boyz.

The birth of what is known today as tech house music was sparked by two different circumstances. The first was a result of a trend that emerged during the late ’80s and which was known as “breaks.” This was a style of music which featured a series of repeated (and often jarring) drum beats. The second was a result of an influx of new artists into the electronic music industry who combined break dancing with other new dance genres such as footwork and hip-hop.

So, what is tech house? Techno-house is considered an “easy” style of dance music. It is generally characterized by repeated, non-dense drum programming and pitched rhythms. Techno-house music usually tends to use complex programming and sample playback to produce tracks that are easy to dance to and offer a unique production sound.

What is tech? Some DJs began their careers cutting the tracks for other DJs. They then honed their skills and started to produce their own material and perform at parties and clubs across the UK and Europe. As its popularity increased, more people in the music industry began to pay attention to the style, resulting in producers and DJ’s alike being called “tech.”

So, what is techno? Techno-house dance music features a wide range of influences. Techno-house tracks tend to feature a heavy use of breakcore, breaks, and percussion, as well as more modern and deep dance elements such as “psycho,” “disco,” “hip-hop,” “future,” and “hip-hop fusion.” Although techno does not traditionally feature heavy or fast vocals, it does typically feature high pitch, high rhythm, and a fast, drum-driven beat. In fact, many of the pioneers of modern techno and breakcore music were in fact hard core music producers. By bringing these elements together, it is possible to create a hard-hitting and hard-hitting electronic dance track that is highly distinctive and different from other styles of music.

Many people incorrectly think that what is tech house is electronic music that is strictly made for radio stations and rock music radio shows. In fact, there are many popular artists in the world of techno that have released music on major radio stations throughout the world including BBC World Service, as well as leading dance music stations throughout the UK. Artists such as Carl Cox and Plastic Lake have become household names thanks to their performances on popular radio shows, including the BBC show Rocking Britney Show, Take Me Away with James Blunt, and Jack Cash. One of the pioneers of modern day techno, breaks musician Nicky Minaj, has even released several well-received albums in the US and UK. While techno is not exactly pop music, it is one of the most popular genres in the world and has helped to form the foundation for what is known today as rap and hip-hop.

What is tech house? continues to be a question that continues to polarize listeners and artists, especially when an artist is willing to put out an EP or album that features nothing but the newest technology. The history of the genre can be traced back to the birth of music itself, which was initially characterized by dance and drumming based music. Over the years, as technology became more advanced, techno was slowly integrated into the overall structure of what is techno, and the end result is what is known today as techno house music.

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